1st Annual Nature Clean Up Day – Attracts a Crowd!

The gate to the Santa Clara River along Owens River Drive has never opened to the public until FSCR held the 1st Annual Nature Clean Up Day.  The group attracted 65 people literally from next door as well as from the larger environmental community, to help the River on Saturday Oct. 19.  “It was really nice to see so many from the area just drop in and help since they saw us there,” noted Leslie, a volunteer staffer for the event.  Neighborhood residents walked and rode bikes over upon seeing the gate open to join in for the trash clean up and see the educational exhibits.

A number of teachers and students from Rio del Sol school came to remove windblown trash that had escaped off their campus and was affecting river area.  Lots of kids with parents, as well as friends and longtime environmental activists also attended.  Alot more trash than expected was picked up and the dumpster couldn’t hold it all!  Besides the work, plenty of play happened. Great hands on fun and learning took place at a river water flow model, at a wildlife station where binoculars were lent for bird and animal watching, and at exhibits about the proposed bike path at the site.  For the last hour of the event, the State Assemblyperson Monique Limon, came and listened to volunteer feedback as well as offered ideas and solutions.  

Next time you see the gate open on the Santa Clara River come in and take in the sweeping views of Topa Topa, grab a bag and take out some trash, see what’s happening in the River environment.  It probably will be Friends having a Nature Clean Up Day.

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