STEAM: the New Way of Learning for Future Kids

I attended an evening event with lots of important people such as the mayor of Oxnard, County Board Supervisor and people from various organizations. All of the people have the same passion; the passion for a greener future for us and for our children.

Jim Danza , Chair of FSCR as one of the speakers for the evening spoke about the importance of the Ventura County Watershed Protection District SCR-1 levee project which may soon be a reality.  The project will provide needed flood protection for residents in Oxnard’s River Park area and can also be an education and recreation resource for the community. The levee project will only proceed with partnership and collaboration.  Based on the State’s funding process, these added features will increase the likelihood of funding as they add multiple benefits beyond flood protection.

Agencies and community members gather to add education and recreation to the SCR-1 Project

The Rio de Sol School being built by the Santa Clara River is a great way for students to have the hands-on learning about the river nearby so  that children aren’t just stuck in one room to do their studying and learning. Proposed on the levee there would be a safe bike route for the community, where the public will be some hands-on/interactive learning stations and a small outdoor teaching area just so that people can enjoy the river while learning about it as well. Just to have that balance with nature and the community. STEAM (Science Technology Engineer Art Math) academy is what Rio de Sol is focused on in hoes that the children will help enlighten their parents and others about the importantance of the river.

A project like this is something that I’ve only heard about; it’s all talk you can say. The fact that something like this is proposed by various stakeholders is amazing. It will be great for the environment and even better for kids; they will know so much more about the environment hopefully to keep it green or make it even greener. It can bring the community together for a better connection with nature and the community.

Written by Samantha Marin, an English major at Oxnard College.

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