Friends of the Santa Clara River Awarded California Coastal Conservancy Explore the Coast Grant

New Day On New TrailIn July 2018 the California Coastal Conservancy awarded FSCR with a $40,000 Explore the Coast Grant. This grant will provide environmental outreach to our local youth. Holding 45 half-day trips and 27 full-day trips over 3 school years. The half day trips will be focused at grades 2-5 students from Rio Lindo, Rio Del Sol STEAM, and Briggs schools (Figure 2). The full day trips are targeted at Rio Vista and Fillmore Middle School (Figure 3). The outings will allow youth to experience and explore the wastewater treatment ponds, Santa Clara River Estuary, coastline, while showcasing native wildlife and ecological processes.

FinishingTouchesIn June 2018 Friends of the Santa Clara River partnered with the Rio School District and submitted a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant for Future Rio Stewards of the Santa Clara River Ecosystem. Project Partners including the Rio School District, FSCR, and Los Padres Forest Watch will integrate formal and informal education to support student growth in environmental literacy and steward identities. Targeting 120 middle school students in 2 cohorts of 60, and including teacher/partner professional development. The outings and will explore pristine Los Padres National Forest headwaters, transformed lowland landscapes, include data collection, removal of micro-trash and non-native species, and showcase local endangered species such as Southern steelhead and the California condor.