FSCR Booth at Placerita Canyon Nature Center Open House

Placerita Canyon Nature Center, Newhall, California
Open House May 12, 2018

A cold windy day is unusual in May, but preferable to a warm day for Placerita Nature Center’s Annual Open House. This LA County Park’s event provides wildlife displays, walks in the park, panning for gold, and an array of booths to promote awareness for environmental organizations’ missions.

Attendance was brisk at times, and most important, the day was filled with curious visitors to our booth; teachers, school groups, a variety of Scout groups, and children with their parents who wanted to share the outdoors and learning about their environment!

FSCR Booth at Placerita Canyon Nature Center
Board member Barbara Wampole running the FSCR booth at the Placerita Canyon Nature Center Open House. (Photo by Lynne Winner)

The large HRNA poster that Tom Barron designed for us, explained our support for wetland restoration and the science behind it. It was an inspiration for people who wanted to know how to participate in actual hands-on projects. Children were especially drawn to our Wildlife Corridors display all day.

Our booth was not far from the CNPS and Theodore Payne Foundation booths, and conveniently next to the SCOPE booth where our messages and information were complimentary for the local community.

It’s always truly enjoyable being at the Placerita Nature Center where we’re surrounded by a supportive community of engaged people. Think about coming by next year!

Written by Barbara Wampole, FSCR board member