Student Poster Exhibit Submittals

Santa Clara River Earth Day Conference
Oxnard College

Oxnard College and Friends of the Santa Clara River invite students to exhibit science based poster projects at the Earth Day Santa Clara River conference.

THEME: Meet the Santa Clara River

FORMAT: Poster Board or Heavy Weight 11” x 17” or 22” x 28”

CONTENT: Original writing and visuals, photos and drawings desired. You are responsible to obtain permission to reproduce any non-original or copyrighted material. Entries may be produced individually or by groups. PLS mark NAME, SCHOOL on each entry.

ELIGIBILITY: Oxnard College students; Rio District students who have taken or are taking the Friends of Santa Clara River Explore the Coast Field Trip.

TO ENTER: Provide teacher name and number of entries. No entry fee.

DAY OF THE EVENT: Arrange for poster pick up with Nina Danza, All projects shall be retrieved at the event end, or arrange for drop off with Nina Danza. Posters will not be stored and any material unclaimed after 14 days will be destroyed.

Conference schedule and details are available at the Conference Events Page.

By entering you implicitly agree to grant permission to Oxnard College and Friends of the Santa Clara River to distribute images of all poster content.