Climate Action Now! Environmental Justice Summit at Oxnard College (April 29)



Oxnard College Associated Student Body, in collaboration with 350 Ventura County Climate Hub, present a FREE event for the public and students:

Oxnard College Environmental Justice Summit: Climate Action Now!




Keynote Address: Confronting Climate Change: Connecting the Cycles and Closing the Loops to Build a Sustainable Future (Dr. Omar Clay, Environmental Physicist)

Panel Presenters

  • Carmen Ramirez, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Oxnard
  • James Danza, Professor of Geography and Environmental Science, Oxnard College
  • Tomás Morales Rebecchi, Senior Central Coast Organizer, Food and Water Watch (FWW)
  • Adam Vega, Organizer, VC Coalition Advocating for Pesticide Safety
  • Lucia Marquez, Ventura Organizer, Central Coast Alliance for Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)
  • Q&A


Workshops will be held in the Oxnard College Conference Center from 7:30 – 8:00pm.

Talleres en Español

  • “Mi Gente, Mi Aire:” Ciencia de pueblo (Oscar Vasquez, Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas)
  • “Taller de Cambio Climático para Principiantes” (Dr. Linda “Qui Qui” Quiquivix, Community Scholar)
  • “Una Introducción a la Biblioteca de Semillas en Oxnard” (Zuleima Jimenez)

Bilingual Workshops – Talleres Bilingüe

  • “Climate Justice Strategies: How CAUSE has been fighting climate change in Oxnard” (Nedia Bello, CAUSE Organizer)
  • “Building Personal and Community Resilience in the Face of Climate Change: ‘What We Can Learn from Transition Towns’ Movement/Respuesta al Cambio Climatic: Lecciones del Movimento de Transicion [Representando a la Red de Accion Climatica en el Condado de Ventura]” (Diana Kublios (350.org, Ventura County Climate Hub)

Workshops in English

  • “VCCCD Climate Change Resolution” (Joshua Chancer, VCCCD Board Member)
  • “Building a Clean Energy Future” (Karen Schmidt, Clean Power Alliance Regional Affairs Manager)
  • ‘”My People, My Air’ Citizen Science” (Tomàs Rebecchi, Organizer, Food and Water Watch and Merrill Berge, Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas [CFROG])
  • “No Parking Please on Ormond Wetlands” (Nina Danza & Irene Rauschenberger, Sierra Club)
  • “The Green New Deal” (Jabbar Wofford and Carin Wofford, Action for Change in Changing Times [ACCT])
  • “Friends of the Santa Clara River” (James Danza, Professor of Geography and Environmental Science, Oxnard College)
  • “Sunshine and Succulents with OC STEM Students” (Crystal Zamora, Oxnard College Student)
  • “The High Price of Cheap Food – The Genetic Genocide of California’s Native Plants and People” (Adam Vega, Ventura County Coalition Advocating for Pesticide Safety)