The River Definitely Has Friends

On February 3, 2018 there were a lot of volunteers at the Trail restoration at the Fish Hatchery. This event is to plant native plants and to have a small trail so that people don’t step on the plants that are trying to grow. I didn’t expect so many people to come to this event but I’m happy that they did. Parent’s also brought their kids to come and help. We also had some students from Oxnard College come as well.


What motivated you to come to this event?

“I like to garden.” –Graciela

“It’s my first event like this; plus I’m here for the extra credit.” –Kolel

I’m sure many of us college students can relate going to places just for that extra credit.

How important are these kinds of events?

“It’s part of the cycle; we need water to have plants.” –Graciela

“It’s very important. If people are not coming out then we can’t change for the better.” –Kolel

Knowing that the place you are standing is the Santa Clara River, How does that make you feel?

“Scared that the water has decreased over the years having a horrible effect on this area.” –Graciela

“I expected it with the drought but I didn’t know this was the river. The climate isn’t getting any better.” –Kolel


I had the chance to interview some of the kids at this event. They were so sweet and so funny to talk to. They seem like the kind of kids that can make the future much more greener.

Do you like getting your hands dirty?

“Not really.” –Elliot age 8

“Yes a little.” –Miles age 6

Are you having fun?

“Yes!” –Both

What’s your favorite part of this event?

“Throwing rocks at each other.” –Elliot

(No kids were hurt during the time of the event)

“Breaking the dirt rocks and digging.” –Miles

Of course I can’t just interview the kids without talking to the parents. I got to talking to Elliot and Miles mother Beth. She is a Conservation graduate student.


“It’s a hard process to get them out and about. I’m trying to find ways to have my kids come out and give back to the planet. And to just experience the outdoors. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that we missed the event in December; so I made sure that we came to this event. We need more places where kids can be kids to climbs trees where they can interact with nature and not get in trouble for it.” –Beth, mother of Elliot & Miles.

It was wonderful getting to talking to all of the people who came out to help restore the Santa Clara River. The fact that we have so many people in the community who still care about the environment around them, and are willing to give up their Saturday morning to come get their hands dirty is just amazing. I look forward to more events like this and I can’t wait to talk to more of these amazing volunteers.

Written by Sam Marin, an English major at Oxnard College

Photos taken by Sergio Flores, a Coastal Environmental Studies major at Oxnard College