Wildlands of the Santa Clara River Watershed

Wildlands of the Santa Clara River Watershed is a project produced by South Coast (SC) Wildlands and in cooperation with other groups such as The Nature Conservancy, US Forest Service, and Coastal Conservancy. The goal of this project is to briefly explain restoration processes, pointing out threats to the rivers ecosystem, and listing species that thrive within the river through text, images, and maps. Get a preview of the project below or click here to view the project in its entirety.

Cover Page
Cover Page
Aerial View
Looking Up the Santa Clara River by Andrew M. Harvey
Vasquez Rocks
Rock Outcrop at Vasquez Rocks by Andrew M. Harvey
Vasquez Rocks and San Gabriel Mountains
Vasquez Rocks & the San Gabriel Mountains by Andrew M. Harvey
Spring Wildflowers
Spring Wildflowers at Vasquez Rocks by Kristeen Penrod
Soledad Canyon
Soledad Canyon by Andrew M. Harvey

SC Wildlands

Our mission is to protect and restore systems of connected wildlands that support native wildlife and the ecosystems upon which they rely.

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