Guide to Native and Invasive Streamside Plants

Guide to Native and Invasive Streamside Plants is a publication produced by Ventura County Planning Division and in cooperation with other groups such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Game, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Ventura County’s and Los Angeles County’s Agricultural Commissioner’s Office.

The purpose of this publication is to inform the reader about which plants are invasive and native to the land, and restoring riparian habitats in Ventura County & along the Santa Clara River in Los Angeles County. Get a preview of images below or click here to view the publication in its entirety.

Cover Image
Invasive species Arundo leaving debris on local beaches after a storm, page 11
Invasive species Cape Ivy, originally from Cape of South Africa, page 31
Invasive species Perennial Pepperweed, originally from Europe and southwestern Asia, page 34
Native species California Sycamore, common along rivers, streams, springs, and floodplains, page 51
Native species Willow, Arroyo, common around drier areas along streams and coasts, page 58