Oxnard-Ventura Santa Clara River Parkway

FSCR has launched the Oxnard-Ventura River Parkway Initiative to increase awareness of and engagement with the river in the Oxnard-Ventura communities.

What river? The Santa Clara River is largely cutoff from public view, which limits the average community member’s awareness and understanding of its importance as a resource. We have initiated a multi-year effort to bring people to the river through clean-ups, bike rides, walks, public lectures, and our annual 5K River Run and 1K Trout Trot. Through our efforts, people have the chance to engage with the river and see the resources they depend on, as well as gain a vision of what the river could be.

Can I see the river? Other than the estuary at the beach, there is not a single public space in the river on the Oxnard plain. The river provides most of the water to the region through groundwater replenishment, and supports key natural habitat on the Oxnard Plain.  

What can the river become? The river can become a place for cultural and environmental education, and a safe place for active transportation to connect communities, people, and the great environs of Ventura County (such as the beach and Santa Clara River Valley).  

Benefits of the Accessibility Initiative: The Parkway Initiative brings together many important social and environmental issues, including:

  • Community health and exercise, by encouraging biking and walking with easy and safe connection between people and the river.
  • Equitable and safe transportation for commuting and recreation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Preservation and celebration of the cultural heritage of the region.
  • Water supply and quality equity.
  • Environmental protection of the unique species of the region.
  • Education and awareness of the natural resources.

Join us on the river! Be sure you are on our email list, and sign up for Meetup for real time event information. Help FSCR grow by volunteering for our organization and donating to our efforts.