Open for Comment! Local Active Transportation Plans

Friends of the Santa Clara River supports active transportation planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide equitable transportation access, and promote healthy communities. The River can become an active transportation corridor in a cool riparian setting with opportunities for restoration and education.

What To Do:

Provide your input to local planning authorities on several open transportation plans listed below.  Generally, you can comment if you transit through the area, so you don’t need to reside nearby.

Key points:

  • If your city is not listed, check online for plans open for comment.
  • If your city doesn’t have anything open for comment, contact your city or county government or public works leaders and encourage active transportation
  • Most due dates are end of May.

What to Ask for:

Safe Walking and Biking. Imagine what your community would look like with a safe walking and bicycling network. Many major roads were not built for pedestrians, and lack both sidewalks and safe street crossings.

Bike Safety. The number one reason people don’t bike more is lack of safety. This needs to be fixed by incorporating safety barriers between autos and bikes, known as Class 1 and 4 bike lanes. Many roads have unnecessary car lanes and shoulders that can be converted without impacting auto traffic.

Connect to the River! The Santa Clara River parkway concept includes a regional paved trail system that would extend from the upper reaches in Los Angeles County to the coast in Ventura County.  Many people will be able to commute on these pathways, which helps in a variety of ways: combating high fuel prices, promoting health and fitness, reducing greenhouse gas and pollution.

Plans currently open for comment:


City of Oxnard: Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. The Draft CAAP is available for review from April 27th – June 1st, 2022. 

The City’s CAAP builds on the City’s successes of implementing the City’s 2030 General Plan and recommits to furthering the City’s sustainability goals and policies. The CAAP establishes a target—to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, consistent with state law.



City of Oxnard: Sustainable Transportation Plan 

The STP will pair previous City transportation planning efforts with community engagement to create a plan that provides for safer, cleaner, and more sustainable ways to get around Oxnard. As part of the project, the STP will engage with people who live, work, and spend time in Oxnard to identify places where sustainable transportation improvements can be implemented. 



Ventura County Active Transportation Plan

The County of Ventura is developing an Active Transportation Plan that will serve as a roadmap for implementing pedestrian and bicyclist facilities within the County’s unincorporated communities



Ventura County: Launch of Second Survey

We’ve launched a second survey for additional input on priorities for the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). The survey questions request feedback similar to the information requested during the March Advisory Committee meetings.

The survey runs through May 31, 2022 and is available in English and Spanish. Social media/website/email messages are below and images are attached for you to share to help us promote the survey. We welcome input from your colleagues and constituents.

Survey in English:
Survey in Spanish:


Ventura County: Re-launch of the Walk Audits

As requested at our March 30 Advisory Committee meeting for the Ventura County Comprehensive Transportation Plan, we’ve re-opened the walk audits. We welcome all input and participating is easy!

Step 1: Participants are invited to take a walk around their neighborhood, perhaps on the way to the park or while taking kids to school. It’s recommended adults accompany youth.

Step 2: Participants answer 9 questions about transportation improvements in their local area through an online form, in English or Spanish. Paper forms are also available upon request.

We plan to continue accepting walk audit information until May 15.

Help provide input on a plan to create a more connected, resilient and equitable transportation future. Take an online survey to share your transportation priorities by May 31 and be entered to win a $50 gift card:


Los Angeles County: Active Transportation Strategic Plan (ATSP)

Metro is improving access for LA County residents to walk, bike or roll to their destinations.



State of California: Caltrans District 7 Active Transportation Plan – draft Summary Report and Story Map comment

The primary purpose of the Caltrans District 7 Active Transportation Plan (District 7 CAT Plan) is to provide a needs assessment where infrastructure investments would most benefit people walking and bicycling in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties