Watershead, Fall 2010
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Hedrick Ranch Nature Area Update
Survey Shows 74 Least Bell's Vireo Nest Sites

Two breeding bird surveys were conducted at HRNA this past spring. Griffith Wildlife Biology identified 74 sites occupied by least Bell's vireo, including 71 pair and 3 single males. Eight nests were located for six pair, and all were successful (23 fledglings were produced). In addition, 14 post-fledging family groups containing 48 fledglings were observed. A spring bird survey was conducted by the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, which found 70 bird species at HRNA between April 25th and June 24th. In descending order, the most abundant species overall were common yellowthroats, yellow warblers, song sparrows, spotted towhees, yellow-breasted chats, and black-headed grosbeaks, all constituents of healthy riparian ecosystems in Southern California.

Our restoration goals at HRNA have largely been met, and we have moved into a monitoring and maintenance phase. We are continuing to produce plants in our nursery, conduct weed eradication, and perform routine monitoring. To date, we have planted many thousands of plants from 28 different species of natives cultivated from on-site resources.

Hedrick Ranch Nature Area Bird Survey Report 2010 Final

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