Watershead, Spring 2006
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Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Do you have the five basic things that wildlife need to share your backyard?

Water, food, cover, nesting places, and sustainable gardening practices are all they need. You may already qualify and all you have to do is contact us at www.fscr.org or National Wildlife Federation at www.nwf.org and see all the details at www.nwf.org/backyardwildlifehabitat/createhabitat.cfm.

FSCR launched a campaign for Backyard Wildlife Habitat at Santa Clarita's College of the Canyons' Earth Day and the City of Santa Clarita's Arbor Day event.

Our Vice-chair, Barbara Wampole has been certified as a National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Ambassador to allow her to share their program to create wildlife friendly backyards. As an FSCR outreach the larger goal of this campaign is to encourage enough families to be certified by NWF for creating Backyard Wildlife Habitat to create actual corridors of backyards that reach from parks to creeks, to the river and the mountains and eventually the ocean.

Contact us now and we'll send you a packet to get started. If you're among the first twenty we'll match the cost of a sign to proudly identify your yard as Wildlife Friendly!!

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