Watershed, Fall 2002
The River
Management Plan
Newhall Ranch

Hedrick Ranch Nature Area Goals Defined
Management Plan gets Initial Review

Friends of the Santa Clara River is working with the URS Corporatrion of Oakland to develop a Management Plan for the 230-acre property. Gretchen Coffman is project director for URS. Sandy Hedrick, an FSCR board member, heads the HRNA Steering Committee, reporting to the FSCR Board of Directors. The HRNA Draft Management Plan, currently under review by FSCR, will be based on the Goals and Objectives listed below. A full report on the Management Plan and other HRNA activities will be presented in the next issue of Watershed.



The mission of the Friends of the Santa Clara River is to protect, enhance, and manage resources of the Santa Clara River (River).


1) To develop an ecosystem management plan to enhance, restore, and sustain the ecological and physical processes and functions at the Hedrick Ranch Nature Area  (HRNA).

2) To provide educational opportunities to students, researchers and community  members through habitat restoration, maintenance, and research projects at the HRNA that are compatible with natural resource protection.


1) To be consistent with the regional restoration goals and plans for the River  Watershed, especially in the critical issue areas of:
Item Biology
Item Water resources
Item Flood control
Item Bank stabilization
Item Agriculture
Item Recreation

2) To understand the local river dynamics and the River's influence on long-term  sustainability of future restoration activities at the HRNA.

3) To understand the ecological and physical factors that influence long-term  sustainability of enhancement and restoration at the HRNA.

4) To enhance diversity and quality of riparian, wetland, riverine, and upland habitats  for fish and wildlife, including special status plant and animal species.

5) To develop specific, feasible, and cost-effective management and restoration  elements (activities).

6) To identify regulatory environmental compliance requirements and permit needs  associated with management and restoration elements.

7) To provide integrated management solutions of issues between the HRNA, the  River Parkway, and adjacent land owner's property.

8) To develop an alliance with stakeholders on the River.

9) To develop a volunteer program that enables local community members and  students to experience the River Corridor at the HRNA through education  opportunities associated with habitat restoration, maintenance, and/or research  projects on the property.

10) To support education programs and activities focused on the River.

11) To develop an access plan for the property that includes identification and  protection of sensitive areas, areas undergoing restoration, development of a trail  system, and posting of signs to explain restricted access and restoration activities.

12) To be a model for future management and restoration actions throughout the River  Watershed.

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